Humility Is Your Power

It encompasses one’s self-awareness, self-esteem, and the conscious experience of being an individual. Humility is the quality of being humble or having a modest and unpretentious view of one’s own importance or abilities. It involves a willingness to acknowledge one’s limitations, imperfections, and the contributions of others.

humility in recovery

Humility Is Your Power

  • We don’t allow anyone to make suggestions or offer advice or guidance.
  • Dr. Boris received his degree in medicine from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his Emergency Medicine residency at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health center in Bronx, NY.
  • In the context of Step 7 (see below), women in AA often speak of learning to care for themselves, speak for themselves, and of not depending on how others—and men in particular—evaluate them.
  • We should feel thankful for what we have to offer to the world and the people around us.
  • We need each other and a “Higher Power” of our own understanding.
  • Step 7 asks you to work on giving up an attitude of total self-reliance.

Another GAATOR item “I have made direct amends to those whom I had harmed” signals the humility of contrition. The DSES item “I ask for God’s help in the midst of daily activities” is evidence of the humility of a rightly ordered self in relation to God and others. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offers a live stage to study how humility is worn by thousands for another day of sobriety and more freedom from the bondage of self. It has been the coauthors’ intent to emphasize the significance of humility as a cardinal virtue across the 12-Step program and as essential to all its key elements.

How to Develop Humility in Recovery

Janet believes that the greatest calling in life is to be of service to others. Rory did his advanced practice training at Yale School of Nursing. He holds a Masters in Applied Psychology from Fairfield University as well as two bachelor’s degrees from Quinnipiac University in both Nursing and History.

humility in recovery

What Is the Purpose of Step 7 of Alcoholics Anonymous?

This includes standing up for one’s needs and wants and having the humility to ask for help and accept it when needed. The good news is if you are willing to do the work and learn to be humble. Then recovery can be successful and any issues that arise can be overcome. Addicts tend to suffer from low self-esteem and use arrogance as a defense mechanism. Until this defense is disabled and replaced with a sense of humility, then recovery may not happen.

  • These complex transitions can be studied once foundation research in humility is advanced.
  • They are “right-sized” and without false pride, arrogance, or importantly, low self-esteem.
  • But how can we maintain it as we move through the recovery journey?
  • Humility to me means viewing myself with an honest and realistic perspective.

humility in recovery

That kind of humility will help us to go beyond the scope of our current capacity—and keep us honest, open, ready, and alive. Here’s an overview of eight varieties of humility—and of all the ways they can keep us grounded even in the face of injustices. Humility has been lauded as a virtue in most world cultures and wisdom traditions. More recently, scientists have started to study humility, and they’re discovering its many benefits. Book Jason for speaking engagements, events or appearances and let him bring the message of recovery & hope.

  • They use arrogance as a defense mechanism to hide their inner self-loathing.
  • Recovering from addiction is no easy feat; it takes an immense amount of hard work, dedication, and humility.

How Drug and Alcohol Abuse Affects Families

We all live in perspective bubbles, though these bubbles are now more porous than ever. As we make serving people the priority, and balance that with caring for ourselves and setting boundaries with others, we will gain power and influence in the best—and healthiest—way possible. Humility allows us to be teachable and helps us to examine ourselves without shame or judgment. Developing mindfulness and self-awareness is key to cultivating humility.

How the 7th Step in AA Works

  • Personal responsibility simply means that you are consciously taking control of how you respond to the circumstances or events that are occurring in your life.
  • Ms. Bemand was brought on board to help develop a capital campaign to build the desperately needed detoxification facility.
  • She firmly believes that courage and vulnerability are essential leadership skills needed to meet the challenging demands of today’s organizations.
  • Believing such falsities can cause a lot of distress, discomfort and disease.
  • Rob has been with High Watch since 2007 and ensures that individuals in need of assistance can be placed with us immediately.

Forever trying to arrange the lights, the ballet, the scenery and the rest of the players in our own way.”5  We thought that the world owed us. When the show didn’t come off as we expected, we became angry, indignant, and self-pitying, and we felt deserving of relief. Confronted with hurtful, stressful, or emotional situations, we claimed the privilege of feeling better immediately through alcohol and drugs. This chronic practice of self-medicating and rationalizing our behavior resulted in alcoholism and addiction. The 12 Steps address this crippling self-centeredness through a program of ego deflation. With all due respect to this person, and others who are trying to market and sell human pride, cavalierly urging people to model abstinence based on self-confidence seems like a losing proposition.

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